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July 11 2018

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I have a funny joke to tell you.
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Going online was never this much fun
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Searching for something?

April 01 2018

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Wandering past the plants.
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March 24 2018

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Oh, hey
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Roblox is on fire! It's popular, fun, and has many of the best games.
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Early morning coffee in the cabin.
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Putting on her shoes

February 17 2018

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She wore a string of lights
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Emerging from a nice swim
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Standing by the window light
Tags: window girl
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Even Stormtroopers can seek an edge in Minecraft with enchantments. Taken on a Star Wars themed Minecraft server of course. Only 10 more months before the Han Solo origin movie is released!

January 20 2018

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Standing pretty.
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Discord. It's the best chat client for gamers. If you're still using TeamSpeak, Skype, Ventrilo, or some other dinosaur, it's time to move into the modern age. Bonus: you can freak out your friends by changing your voice in Discord with other programs.

September 29 2017

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It's going to be tough to wait more than a year for new Game of Thrones episodes. The rumor is that there will be eight new characters to join in the final season. With so much time to wait, I'll have to keep busy with re-watching all the existing seasons and watching Game of Thrones parodies. The Jimmy Fallon Game of Desks one is a classic.
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Sometimes I just wonder What If.

What if...

...Columbus was directly responsible for the sexual revolution?
...Cormac Mac Airt was a construction worker?
...Joan of Arc switched places with Haile Selassie?
...Saint Paul had access to thamaturgy?
...Saint Thomas switched places with Albert Einstein?
...antibiotics had been invented a thousand years later?
...the fall of Mankind from the Garden of Eden happened after the advent of Christianity?
...the fall of Mankind from the Garden of Eden involved aliens?
...the rise of the Inca Empire involved secret science?
...today's most commonplace technology was holographic entertainment?
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