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March 24 2018

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Early morning coffee in the cabin.

September 29 2017


June 24 2017

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To attain power over others, seduction works better than coercion.

Picture yourself as Chuko Liang, head strategist for the ancient Chinese state of Shu: War has been declared on China by King Menghuo from the south and quitting him and saving the country lies in your hands.

But before learning everything you should do, it’s crucial to know what not to do.

To start with, using force and coercive tactics is never wise, even when they’re the most easy option. Actually, if you do exercise your strength, folks will secretly resent you because force breeds resistance. Liang didn’t assault with force and knew this, even though he probably would have defeated the invading army.

But if he'd, Menghuo might have resented China and Liang and the state would need to constantly shield itself. Everyone bred and involved paranoia would have exhausted.

 Folks have a tendency to be commanded by their emotions, and you can get them do everything you need – of their own free will by playing on their feelings.

You are able to do this by then unexpectedly treating them, and threatening your opponent so that pain is expected by them. For instance, when Menghuo attacked China, Liang seized him and his whole army. To his great surprise he was offered delicious food and wine rather, although Menghuo anticipated the worst and was separated from his soldiers.

While his enemy’s soldiers were released by Liang, he'd only let Menghuo go when the enemy king promised that if he was caught again, he'd bow to the Chinese king.

And while Liang got Menghuo several more times, he always let him go. Afterward, on the seventh capture, Menghuo dropped to Liang’s feet, surrendering his kingdom and himself.

Despite the fact that Liang could have killed Menghuo when he was captured by him, a proven fact the enemy king was conscious of, he gave him plenty of chances and treated him nicely each time. As a result, Menghuo grew increasingly grateful and indebted to the Chinese king, until he eventually surrendered of his own volition.
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If you need to be treated like a first-class, you’ve got to act like one.

Are you higher up the ladder than someone else? If so, it’s essential to act the part – unless, of course, you prefer to be seen as their equal. However a word of warning: acting while holding a position that is superior to them as if you’re equal to others will only inspire despite.

 He despised royal ceremonies, as well as each of the symbols connected with the throne. Actually, he didn’t even keep the company of royalty, largely befriending bankers instead.

But the king’s conduct didn’t do him any good – he was shortly despised by both the affluent and the poor. Wealthy people disapproved of the unlikely king, while the poor disliked look out for them.

All of this hate built until the people rose up against him and he was made to abdicate the throne.

Generally speaking, individuals are leery of higher-ups who act like their equals; doing thus leads to believing as they’ll suppose your modest manners you’re dishonest folks are a sly trick to cloud your prerogatives.

Afterward what’s a strategy that is better?

You should instead make use of the strategy of the crown to create people treat you like royalty. To put it simply, should you think you act this way and ’re above others, other folks will begin to believe you’re top-notch, also. They’ll suppose there is good reason for you to achieve that when folks see you behaving superiorly.

 Actually, it was his confident socializing with the Spanish royal family that eventually convinced the Spanish throne to finance his voyages.
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A suburban dream.
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Hardbody at the beach. Definitely ready for Summer.
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Lost in thought on the couch.
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Milky pool.
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May 21 2017

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Bustin' out at the beach.
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Hello there!

March 26 2017

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